Monday, May 13, 2013

Dollie Storage Room Fabric Collection

The "Dollies" just love having fun and love seeing pictures of themselves so they were delighted when I created graphics of some of them. Of course, they all wanted graphics created for them, but I had to draw the line somewhere. So, I choose a few of the "dollies" to create graphics for and to design fabrics for. There will be more for the Dollie Storage Room Dolls Fabric Line in the near future.

For now there are 21 fabrics in my the Dollie Storage Room Dolls Fabric Line.  Some of the fabrics were created using the same graphics but using a different design schemes such as basic, half-drop, half-brick, centered, or mirror images and  by making the images smaller or larger.  Here's the images used to create the Dollie Storage Room Dolls Fabric Line so far:







The Dollie Storage Room Fabrics are perfect for making doll clothes, decorations, ornaments, pillows, quilts, wall art, totes, table linens, etc.  The "dollies" and I are working on ideas and suggestions for using our fabrics and hope to have lots of ideas for you in the near future.

The "dollies" are all clamoring for their own fabric lines. However, we have way to many dollies for that to happen, but there will be more in the near future so stay tuned.

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