Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My NEW The Victorian Dress Cut and Sew Fabric Collection

I have been in love with Victorian fashions - especially the dresses since I was a little girl.  That's one of the reasons why I decided to create handmade Victorian dolls and then create Victorian e-patterns and patterns so you could create your own.

I also love creative embroidery, crazy quilting, and designing fabrics.  So, I thought why not create some Victorian cut and sew fabrics so you can embellish them and create beautiful Victorian dress ornaments of you own.

There are ten designs in my new Victorian Cut and Sew Dress Ornaments Fabric Collection.  All ten match the dresses in our handmade penny rug Victorian dress pictures collection and our Victorian Dresses picture or ornaments e-patterns collection.   Four of the dress ornaments are 3" and six dress ornaments  are 6".  All are easy ti make and can be embellished with beads, ribbons, lace, etc. to match our finished dress suggestion or anyway you'd like.

I hope you like my new Victorian Cut and Sew Dress Ornaments Fabric Collection: