Monday, August 19, 2013

New Fabrics For The Holiday and Seasonal Fabric Collection


I have to say that I'm a person with many crafts interests - most of which I just LOVE doing. Whether it's sewing, making dolls, creating floral arrangements, creating and decorating paper crafts, pattern designing, or just plain crafting in general I just LOVE it. I can spend hours on end blissfully doing whatever suits my fancy at the time. Some of my interests have been around since I was a little girl - some are relatively new like needle felting, paper clay designing, crazy quilting and creative embroidery and fabric design.

The latter is where I've been focusing a lot of my attention lately. I just LOVE designing fabrics that are delightful, cheery and can be used for all sorts of decorating.

Lately I've been adding to my Holiday and Seasonal Fabric Collection. It started with wanting to create some bright and cheery Spring and Summer floral designs that I could use to replace the shower curtain and window curtain in one of my bathrooms and went on from there.

I designed some new fabrics for the Fall, which should be no surprise as it's almost upon us and is my favorite seasonal after all. From there I went on to new Halloween fabrics and then on to the winter. I added some new tree designs and a mini quilt design with trees, an alpaca, and a snowman.

I hope you like the new additions to my Holiday and Seasonal Fabric Collection:


If you'd like to see all the fabrics I have designed please CLICK HERE to visit my Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs website or CLICK HERE for my Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs shop on

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