Sunday, December 7, 2014

Still Loving Custom Gift Wrap Boxes

Hubby and I were so pleased with the way our other custom gift wrap box decorations turned out we decided to add two more to the area over our family room cabinets. That way when you scan the kitchen/family room there would be decorated boxes above all the cabinets.

In agreeing to this I, of course, had a secret motive here as I really wanted to try my light blue snowman design and had run out of boxes the day before. So, of course, the first box we wrapped had the light blue Snowman Collage Fabric 7 paper on it.

And, if we do say so ourselves, it came out beautifully.

For the second box we decided to utilize the rest of the Presents Design1 Gift Wrap that we had used yesterday.  It did not disappoint as it looks beautiful with the blue and silver wire ribbon bow.

We've run out of room on the top of our cabinets so that will probably be the last of the custom gift wrap boxes decorations.

Then again, we can always start wrapping the pictures on the walls.

I can hear my sister say, "Don't even go there!!!!"


They would look really festive.....

And, we do have a lot of pictures......


My Custom Gift Wrap Arrived - YIPPEE!!!

I was thrilled the other day when I received notification from that my custom gift wrap order, which I had written about in a blog post entitled "How Can You Resist Adorable Custom Gift Wrap? I Know I Can't" had been shipped.

I could hardly wait to see it as I wanted to see how my holiday and snowmen designs came out on gift wrap.

Plus, I was anxious to see how the gift wrap would look on our present decorations as hubby and I wanted to re-wrap the presents we decorated with Christmas paper and wire ribbons and put over the cabinets in our kitchen.

Well, I have to tell you the custom gift wrap doesn't disappoint. It comes in a long box, securely rolled and packaged in a long, clear resealable bag - which makes it so easy to store. The paper is thick and fabulous and so easy to work with. There is no chance of you accidentally putting your finger through this gift wrap or accidentally ripping the corner when trying to box the edges.

Plus, you don't have to turn the edges over to get that nice smooth look like you need to do with thin gift wrap. Cut a nice straight line and the edges look beautiful just they way they are.

And best of all hubby loved it - which is a huge a compliment for this paper as he does all the wrapping in our house. We have a perfect system. I organize the gifts into boxes, he wraps the boxes, and I decorate them.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How Can You Resist Adorable Custom Gift Wrap? I Know I Can't

I just love Christmas boxes decorated with beautiful wired ribbons and floral accents. In fact, for quite some time I used to elaborately decorate all the Christmas presents. I love the creativity involved with trying to decide which paper to use, which ribbons to use, and which accessories to add. The presents always look so pretty when stacked together. Everyone would say that they just looked so pretty they didn't want to open the present.

For me decorating the presents is kind of the same as looking at containers filled with crazy quilting or creative embroidery trims and embellishments. The trims and embellishments always look so pretty all combined in a container. Too pretty to use sometimes.

You could also find this to be the case with fabrics sorted by holiday, season, or color. Almost too colorful and pretty to use. I know I find myself always saving the prettiest fabric for that very special creation. It's so pretty that, in fact, you never use it.

As usual I'm getting off course - so back to the story.  As the family grew over the years trying to elaborately decorate all the presents almost became impossible. It got pared down and down and down. I still do it from time to time for hubby or some really special presents but, for the most part, spending days on end elaborately decorating my presents is over.

However, several years ago my hubby suggested that we add some festive color to the kitchen by decorating some fake boxes and placing them above our kitchen cabinets as Christmas decorations. With this suggestion I, of course, was in 7th heaven. I could decorate several boxes to my hearts content and look at them during the whole holiday season. So, I did five of them and we placed them atop our cabinets.

The decorated boxes looked so pretty atop the cabinets but we decided that we needed something in between the boxes and so we went to look at some of the other floral decorations I had made during the last two decades that we hadn't seen for awhile.