Monday, December 1, 2014

How Can You Resist Adorable Custom Gift Wrap? I Know I Can't

I just love Christmas boxes decorated with beautiful wired ribbons and floral accents. In fact, for quite some time I used to elaborately decorate all the Christmas presents. I love the creativity involved with trying to decide which paper to use, which ribbons to use, and which accessories to add. The presents always look so pretty when stacked together. Everyone would say that they just looked so pretty they didn't want to open the present.

For me decorating the presents is kind of the same as looking at containers filled with crazy quilting or creative embroidery trims and embellishments. The trims and embellishments always look so pretty all combined in a container. Too pretty to use sometimes.

You could also find this to be the case with fabrics sorted by holiday, season, or color. Almost too colorful and pretty to use. I know I find myself always saving the prettiest fabric for that very special creation. It's so pretty that, in fact, you never use it.

As usual I'm getting off course - so back to the story.  As the family grew over the years trying to elaborately decorate all the presents almost became impossible. It got pared down and down and down. I still do it from time to time for hubby or some really special presents but, for the most part, spending days on end elaborately decorating my presents is over.

However, several years ago my hubby suggested that we add some festive color to the kitchen by decorating some fake boxes and placing them above our kitchen cabinets as Christmas decorations. With this suggestion I, of course, was in 7th heaven. I could decorate several boxes to my hearts content and look at them during the whole holiday season. So, I did five of them and we placed them atop our cabinets.

The decorated boxes looked so pretty atop the cabinets but we decided that we needed something in between the boxes and so we went to look at some of the other floral decorations I had made during the last two decades that we hadn't seen for awhile.

To our delight we found 3 of the artificial miniature evergreen trees that I had created when I was in my miniature evergreen tree phase. And, guess what, they fit up there just fine and looked wonderful with the presents.

So, for the past few years we've been decorating above our kitchen cabinets with Christmas boxes and artificial trees. Then, something amazing happened. started offering custom gift wrap in matte and satin finish for your custom fabric designs.

I was thrilled beyond belief and, of course, had to create my own custom gift wrap designs for all of my compatible custom fabric designs. You know how much I love creating custom fabrics - don't you. Given I have a lot of custom fabrics designs this has taken me a quite some time.

Well, when thinking about which Christmas decorations we were going to put out this year I thought changing the decorated boxes above the kitchen cupboards to my own custom gift wrap designs would really be nice. So, I ordered some of the Christmas and snowman winter satin gift wraps I had designed.

I had seven to choose from in my Christmas custom gift wrap designs. And, ten to choose from in my winter seasonal custom gift wrap designs.

It wasn't easy to choose, but I did. I ordered the ones I chose this morning and hope to have them shortly. When I get them I know I'll be anxious to wrap the boxes and put them above the kitchen cabinets. Of course, I'll take pictures so you all can see how they came out.

How can you resist adorable custom gift wrap - especially when it has adorable snowmen and Christmas images on it. I know I can't. Then again, when it comes to custom fabric designs and now gift wrap - there's not much I can resist.

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