Sunday, December 7, 2014

Still Loving Custom Gift Wrap Boxes

Hubby and I were so pleased with the way our other custom gift wrap box decorations turned out we decided to add two more to the area over our family room cabinets. That way when you scan the kitchen/family room there would be decorated boxes above all the cabinets.

In agreeing to this I, of course, had a secret motive here as I really wanted to try my light blue snowman design and had run out of boxes the day before. So, of course, the first box we wrapped had the light blue Snowman Collage Fabric 7 paper on it.

And, if we do say so ourselves, it came out beautifully.

For the second box we decided to utilize the rest of the Presents Design1 Gift Wrap that we had used yesterday.  It did not disappoint as it looks beautiful with the blue and silver wire ribbon bow.

We've run out of room on the top of our cabinets so that will probably be the last of the custom gift wrap boxes decorations.

Then again, we can always start wrapping the pictures on the walls.

I can hear my sister say, "Don't even go there!!!!"


They would look really festive.....

And, we do have a lot of pictures......


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