Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cut and Sew Doll Kits Make It Even Easier To Teach Kids How To Sew

I can remember when I was a young girl running to show my mother my latest craft or sewing project. She would tell me it was wonderful or beautiful and I would leave with a big smile on my face. Sometimes she would point out a few things I could improve upon. It was never a criticism just a lesson in improving one's skill. Being the perfectionist that I am I would either take it apart and fix it or replace it with a brand new piece.

In thinking about my custom fabric cut and sew doll ornaments I decided that with time being a commodity these days one way to teach kids how to sew would be to create cut and sew doll kits grouped by theme, season, or holidays. The kits would include the fabric pieces for the group and instructions for finishing the doll via machine stitching or by blanket stitching. By including two different ways to finish the ornaments kids could learn machine stitching and blanket stitch embroidery, too.  And, by grouping the ornaments by theme, season, or holiday you could organize craft activities for groups of kids or for families to do together. So, I decided to put some kits together.

The cut and sew doll ornaments in each group could be machine finished like the groups shown in the picture above. Or, the edges could be blanket stitched like the groups shown in the picture below.

The kits provide an easy and quick way for beginners or beginning sewing groups to learn how to hand sew and machine sew. And, maybe even how to blanket stitch. Plus, the kids end up with an adorable ornament to keep or give as a gift. That will definitely put a smile on their faces.

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