Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Cut and Sew Baby Ornaments Kits For It's Raining Baby Showers

When I was designing my baby shower line of custom fabrics I wanted to create a way to quickly and easily create some adorable baby favors that could be used for decorating and taken home by the guests as a keepsake.  So, I created baby cut and sew dolls to make all the dolls in my baby shower line.

With time being a commodity these days I decided to speed things up even more by creating baby shower cut and sew custom fabric design kits.  The kits would include the fabric pieces for the different baby shower dolls and instructions for finishing the doll via machine stitching or by blanket stitching.

The favors can be machine finished like the ornaments shown in the picture above.  Or, the edges can blanket stitched like the ornaments shown in the picture above.

My cut and sew baby shower cut and sew favors or ornaments are a great way to decorate for a baby shower and make great keepsakes for the mother-to-be and guests.

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