Saturday, November 4, 2017

My New Baby Christening Fabric Designs Collection

"Christen Me Beautiful Babies!" are just waiting for their 1st Christening.

Maybe it's the beautiful white outfits, or the white lace, or the very special occasion. They're not sure.

They just know they're very excited.

"Christen Me Beautiful Babies" have muslin bodies and the girl doll has an embroidered face.  The boy christening doll is faceless.

They both have a mass of yarn hair that is barely controlled under their Christening bonnets.  The boy has straight dark brown hair while the girl has curly medium brown.  Both have red striped boots that are cross laced and their bloomers are lace trimmed and gathered at the waist and legs.

Their beautiful Christening gown is a multi-layered combination of eyelet fabric and satin fabric under lace fabric. The dress bodice is lace covered and lace trimmed. The sleeves are gathered at the shoulders.

The dress skirt is multi-sectional with the front having a center section of satin under layer and eyelet lace top layer and two side sections of satin under layer and lace top layer. The back section of the dress skirt is multi-layered with a satin under layer and lace top layer. The dress skirt is beautifully gathered at the waist and adorned with lace trim and the bottom hem of the dress has two layers of lace trim, as well. The dress is gathered at the neck and adorned with lace trim.

"Christen Me Beautiful Babies" christening bonnet is multi-layered with a satin under layer and lace top layer, as well. It is lined and with satin bonnet ties that wrap around their neck and are tacked to the front of their dress with a bow.  The boys us blue and the girls is pink.

"Christen Me Raggedy Babies!"are really looking forward to their 1st Christening and would make a beautiful and unique gift for any baby's Christening event. Will you take them to their 1st one?

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