Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Swaddling Baby Heads Baby Shower Custom Fabric Designs

One of my all time favorite doll designs is my "Baby Nicky" doll. He's a baby shower centerpiece doll that I designed based upon my grandson "Nicky" who has the most wonderful, curly head of hair you could ever imagine. I just LOVE it and would love to swap hair with him. Of course, he hates it.

While designing my swaddling babies custom fabric design  collection  I  thought about my grandson, Nicky, who was born 31 weeks premature.   He had spent 9 weeks in a special care nursery and I remembered that the nurses would wrap him in a swaddling blanket which allowed them to easily carry him around. They always looked like they were carrying him around like a football.

The nurses taught all the family members how to bathe, feed, and dress Nicky so I learned how to wrap my grandson in a swaddling blanket. So, I thought maybe a favor with baby heads sticking out of a swaddling blanket would be cute and created a couple primitive favor ornaments.  I also created a line of custom fabrics with my adorable swaddling baby boy and girl graphics.

If you like my swaddling babies custom fabric designs  you'll be happy to know that I have 4  new "Swaddling Babies" product gallery designs and collections that I think you will love.

I hope you like my new designs.

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